One Brazilian newspaper ran the headline ‘Go to hell, Big Phil’

•Another ‘congratulated’ the 1950 team for not being as bad asTuesday’s

•After their group stage performances against Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon, warning signs had been there

•Players like Fred, Hulk, Jo and Maicon would not get many games between them in the Premier League

•Neymar, Pele, Zico and Socrates between them wouldn’t have stopped this

Devastated: Brazilian newspapers stick the boot in to their fallen stars, with Correio calling the defeat an ‘Embarrassment for Eternity’, while Folha De Sao Paulo say Brazil suffered the ‘Worst Defeat in History’

The nation, however, was almost delirious by then. Such was the hysteria about Neymar’s injury that the build up to Tuesday’s game was spent with millions of people looking backwards, rather than forwards. Perhaps Scolari and his players did, too.

Menzi Kulati.



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