Another cycle of physical violence against women and children | 18 August 2014

South Africa

South Africa

You can think of South Africa as a country that is peaceful, rainbow nation and doesn’t have to contend with wars, or the battles being waged in South Sudan,Central Africa Republic and Somalia.

No, in South Africa there’s no car bombs, or kidnapping hundreds of girls. We send our troops across the continent for peacekeeping missions as we see our country being safe for it’s citizens.

But, it is a crying shame for this country that the most vulnerable are unable to have the right to physical health and their social identity be officially recognised, and be protected from violence.

The latest spread of intentional physical violence against women and children has been extensively noticeable during this month meant for women.

Disebo Makau’s body was found not far from her home on Friday, Ventersdorp, North West Province

She had been raped, she was strangled with a wire around her throat and had a hose pipe shoved down her throat into her stomach.

Her lifeless body was found filled with water. Her neighbour found water running in his yard and discovered Disebo Makau’s body. She lived with her family in Extension 2.

North West Police say the motive for the killing is still being investigated, but, Makau’s family and friends believe she was killed because she was lesbian.

Tsholofelo Matome, Makau’s friend told eNCA news channel: “I would like for us to be accepted or at least to be tolerated because it’s very hard to accept gays and lesbians. We are humans as well. We were born the same way like they were born.”

Gugulethu is described as a colourful combination of vibrant life and a local example of the problems associated with poverty, making a visit to the township unforgettable.

The name is a contraction of “igugu lethu,” which in Nguni means “our pride.” Gugulethu. What happened here last week one wonders if it is still “our pride”.

Chelsea Godlo of NY 130, Gugulethu is a ten year old girl. Her lifeless body was found hidden under a bed in her grandfather’s house earlier last week. She had been reported missing on Monday the 11th August 2014.

Her body was discovered after community members joined in the search.

Family members told EWN that the suspects are family members of the victim, they are Chelsea’s uncles.

The girl’s mother told of how she discovered her daughter’s body.

“She was in a big sack. I undid the knots and removed the bag from her head and saw it was my daughter. I screamed and said that this was my baby.”

The part that bring me to tears is: “The victim still had her school tracksuit top on as she was back from school”

For Chelsea the cause of violence, pain and suffering was at her home as her three uncles were arrested and appeared in court for her murder.

Why isn’t this all over the news? Aret there enough women’s groups crying out against this cycle of violence? Why aren’t people demonstrating?

This is South Africa, we are considered as modern and civilized but we have descended into a jungle of chaos,violent crimes,corruption without much effort to stop that

South Africans don’t really understand what is happening to their own country. They feel it but seems powerless to protest or voice their anger.

Menzi Kulati.



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