Michael Brown’s mom | ‘Justice will bring peace’ to Ferguson | 19 Aug 2014

Michael Brown's parents, Michael Sr. and Lesley McSpadden

Michael Brown’s parents, Michael Sr. and Lesley McSpadden

FERGUSON, Mo. – The parents of Michael Brown, a teen who was fatally shot by an officer a week ago, spoke to the public about seeking justice and calling for an investigation in a Monday afternoon press conference.

The family as well as attorney Ben Crump, who represented the parents of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, spoke out about seeking justice for Brown as well as a fair and efficient investigation into the shooting.

Witnesses say Brown had raised his hands to surrender when the officer fired the fatal shots. Police have not confirmed that information, and have only said that Brown was unarmed.

Brown’s parents said they had planned to celebrate the beginning of his education at a technical college, but now they’re planning a funeral.

“That was my first-born son,” Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown, said. “I just wish I could’ve been there to help him.”

Brown’s father Michael Brown Sr. and McSpadden, asked for no further violence. Sunday night, looting and riots broke out in Ferguson as well as North County that lead to more than 30 arrests and the burning down of a QuikTrip gas station.

“We don’t want no violence,” Brown Sr. said. “Michael would have wanted no violence. We need justice for our son.”

Attorney Ben Crump said that Brown’s family deserves a “fair and efficient investigation.”

“Their baby was executed in broad daylight,” he said. “Executed before he was a man. We will not be silent. We will stand up.”

Crump asked if there are any witnesses to Saturday’s shooting to please come forward, and if you have any video evidence to please turn it over to law enforcement.

Crump said during a question and answer session with the public that the father of Trayvon Martin, Tracy, who is a native of East St. Louis, has reached out to the parents to lend his support.

Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Senior will discuss their plans to bring charges against the officer who shot their son, Michael Brown.

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown August 9. A second preliminary autopsy determined Brown was shot at least six times with one fatal shot to the top of his head.


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