Idris Elba Taps Mumford & Sons, James Blake for Nelson Mandela-Inspired Album | BY GEORG SZALAI | SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Iris Elba has announced plans for a November release of mi Mandela, an album inspired by his experience playing late South African anti-Apartheid leader Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.‎

Elba, also known as the star of Luther, said the release will include South African musical talent and guest vocals from the likes of Mumford & Sons, James Blake, Maverick Sabre and Mr Hudson.

The actor has released music under the name Dris and also directed and appeared in the video for Mumford & Sons’ “Lover of The Light.”

“South Africa has numerous different tribes, and each one has a musical expression, and each one has a very unique, different sound style,” Elba said in a video announcing the album. “I had my studio at the apartment I was staying in while I was making Mandela — a little keyboard, a laptop — and as an experiment to myself, I vowed to keep making music.”

He said he later returned to the country to record the music. “We walked into the studios and we just had conversations,” he said in explaining how he started production without any set plans.

The star recorded the album, set for release on Nov. 24, in Johannesburg, Mali and London.

via Billboard

Menzi Kulati



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