Japanese GP – Alonso: “Ferrari is the best team in the world” | October 2, 2014

SUZUKA – There are talks of a typhoon hitting Suzuka later this weekend, but it was just grey and damp this afternoon as Fernando Alonso had his usual meeting with the media in Scuderia Ferrari’s team hospitality tent.

In Singapore, the Scuderia Ferrari man was clearly upset at the rumours flying around about his future, but although the topic was the same today, the man from Oviedo seemed to actually quite enjoy sparring with the media: “You can ask the questions, but you cannot answer them for me,” he laughed when one journalist kept pushing him to say what were his future plans.

“I live for my job and I prepare myself from 1st January to 31st December and with Ferrari’s it’s special, because this is the best team in the world,” stated Fernando when asked to elaborate on his future options. “For five years, I have given my all on the track and the numbers show that. But off the track also my number one priority has been the team, doing the best for Ferrari. I live in the real world, so I am aware of all the rumours. But my first priority is working for the team, to help in the fight with Williams in the championship. My second priority is my future, but there is nothing new on this subject since last year, since July and now even in October there is no news. So, as I said earlier, I always put the interests of the team and of the tifosi and of this brand that is Ferrari and is bigger than any one of us, before my own interests.”

Pressed still further, the Ferrari man admitted that winning races and titles was still his priority. “I am a very competitive person and I want to win, which is something, I have wanted since I was ten years old and starting karting at a professional level. I want to win and am ready to maximise my performance at what I think is the best moment of my career. I hope I can get the benefit of this in the next few years, adding some titles, retiring with more than two. But you never know.”

Alonso brought his conference to a close with a statement that would not seem out of character in the works of the Japanese Samurai that he admires so much. “At the end of the day you have an idea in your mind and my mind is already set. I’ve been extremely lucky to choose where I drive in Formula 1, to choose my own future, which is not the norm. I will do my best, together with Ferrari’s best, taking the minimum risk.”

Ferrari Japan Gp


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