The Rock Returns on Raw and Shouts Out Derek Jeter in Epic Moment (Video) | October 7, 2014

Remember when The Rock came back and was all like, “What’s up, Brooklyn?” Well, he didn’t exactly say that. But The Rock did make his surprising return on Monday night’s episode of Raw in Barclays Center. This is his first appearance since losing to John Cena at Wrestlemania 29.

Of course, Brooklyn welcomed The Rock with raucous applause as he again showed he hasn’t lost an inch of the charisma that made him a superstar in the first place. He also whooped Rusev’s ass for good measure.

And as if his presence wasn’t enough, The Rock even gave a shoutout to The Captain. Somewhere out there, a single tear of pride streaks down Derek Jeter’s cheek.

But all jokes aside, The Rock is here. The man strung together Jay Z and Beastie Boys references before smacking Rusev out of the ring.

Enjoy this.

[via WWE]



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