‘WWE Raw:’ Who’s Afraid of Seth Rollins? | By Kenny Herzog | October 14, 2014

Seth Rollins and Randy Orton face off during 'WWE Monday Night Raw.' (Photo: WWE)

Seth Rollins and Randy Orton face off during ‘WWE Monday Night Raw.’ (Photo: WWE)

1. Who’s Afraid of Seth Rollins?

Let’s forget for a second that Cena and Ambrose’s “Contract on a Pole” (a head-scratching stipulation if there ever was one) main event, which was originally slated for Hell in a Cell, concluded with a bit of a whimper. It’s probably also best to defer judgment on yet another hurried Cena vs. Orton feud until we see how it plays out (plus, both men have been at top form in the ring of late). The real question is: How excited are we for Ambrose vs. Rollins? Or, more to the point, was Rollins really looming as such an enticing prize for whoever snagged that clipboard?

As the war between Ambrose and Cena intensified, it’s become less-and-less clear what they’re fighting for. In recent weeks, Rollins’ in-ring work has amounted to a squash match here or there against the likes of Kofi Kingston, a lot of running and hiding behind Orton and Kane and, last night, narrowly edging out Swagger thanks to a handful of tights. Rollins’ M.O. has been cowardice, and it helped distinguish him as an unambiguous heel. But with Lesnar not around as schoolyard bully, Rollins would benefit from some added mystique, especially if he’s the precious target of WWE’s marquee act and top young face. Otherwise, it’s a long fall from the top of that pole.

Below the Belt:

I’m intrigued by this Orton/Rollins tension, although I’m not sure about the “Here, I just helped humiliate your opponent, take that!” technique of intimidation.
Lana been abusing the bronzer much?
Also, what was with that belated Braves diss?
Rusev does not crush on the mic.
Cesaro not so fluent in quality commentary.
Layla took some really solid bumps.
Loved mixing it up with the opening match.
Not so into that new Ambrose shirt.
That Bray promo had me up until the fog machine.
Time to film some pretaped skits with Miz and Mizdow out to dinner with Maryse, shopping at the mall, etc.
Gotta love Steph and HHH placing the old Trading Places bet.
So, this has been a thing on social media since Orton and Ziggler’s theatrical RKO moment.
Best line of the night: Stephanie, taunting Cena and Ambrose’s “blustering back and forth”: “Oh, you’re the veteran, oh you’re unstable…that’s just talk.”
Worst line of the night: Oh, Sheamus: “Take two brogue kicks and call me in the morning.”
Fan Gesture of the Night: The man feigning choking in the front row while Show and Rusev labored on the outside.
In case you fast-forwarded through commercials: Hate Chrisley? You’ll love Benched! Also, Subway ads have something to do with bacon-strip eyebrows and Michael Strahan is endorsing Metamucil. You didn’t miss much.




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